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[Supper Snapshots Surabaya] going home

On early Sunday morning we finally went home to Jakarta after our short trip in Surabaya.
Thank you to everyone who has supported Supper Snapshots, and in particular to: Tinta and Kat of C2O Library, Novi and Kak Ryza, Cindy, Deux Mois and Pathetic Experience, and everybody who came to our small exhibition :-)

the crowded Juanda airport in early morning

goodbye surabaya!

titing doodling on the plane

finally arrived in jakarta! although i still had to work straight after and only managed to come home in the afternoon..

Location: Juanda Airport (SUB), Soerabaja 60177, Indonesië
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[Supper Snapshots Surabaya] c2o newsletter #34

Supper Snapshots is featured in c2o newsletter #34
you can read and download it here or here.


thanks tinta! :-)

Location: Dr.cipto, Tegalsari, Surabaya, East Java 60264, Indonesia
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[Supper Snapshots Surabaya] Opening

Some photos I took during the opening of Supper Snapshots exhibition featuring Studiomili at C2O Library, Surabaya.

before the opening


pathetic experience + deux mois

deux mois

pathetic experience


photo sessions! :-)

ps: After the opening, Cindy took us for a late dinner at Yung Ho, where we had the best chicken porridge ever.

Location: Soerabaja, Indonesië
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[Supper Snapshots Surabaya] preparation

On Friday midday Titing and I took a taxi to carry all the framed photos to c2o library in downtown Surabaya.
We were greeted by Tinta and Yuli, and Charlie the cat and her 'latest' four kittens.

We unloaded the suitcase and arranged the photos on the floor before finally installing them at the window bars.
Unfortunately, we found that one of the frames' glass was broken, but we still display that photo nevertheless.


After knowing which photos went to which part of the window, we started to hang them on the window bars -
which required one of us hanging on the window ledge outside to tie the frames to the bars with strings. 


It was a hot and humid day and we easily got tired after a short period of work so we had a lot of pauses and took some photos of the kittens taking some naps..



At the end of the day we finally finished installing the photos (hoera!) and arranging the postcards, zines, name cards, etc.


And some photos from the cozy library..


Location: Soerabaja, Indonesië
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