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Supper Snapshots this Saturday!

Come and see our Supper Snapshots Exhibition in Jakarta!

We will display our finest selection from our 2-year Supper Snapshots project,
and it will also a collaboration with Studiomili ;-)

Saturday, 2/2/2013
4pm onwards

with a mini performance by park jammers.

Exhibition runs until 22/2/2013.

See you there for a nice coffee/tea time!

ps: due to parking limitations, we strongly advise you to use public transport.
guide on how to get there using buses will be posted soon. thanks :-)

Location: Jakarta, Indonesië
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[Supper Snapshots Exhibtion] meeting at that's life coffee

Went to That's Life Coffee to talk about the upcoming Supper Snapshots exhibition with Arris and Titing last night.

Location: Jalan Gunawarman, Jakarta, Indonesia
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[Supper Snapshots Exhibition] Indiegogo Update, pt. 1

Four days after launching our campaign, we are now already at 55% of our target, a great result. Nine people made a donation through Indiegogo and around five more people gave us their donation directly or helped us by linking to our project on their facebook or blogs. Thanks everyone!

Anyway here is the list of photos you can select if you donate 25 euro.





















This is only to help you in making a choice, of course it’s also possible to choose any other supper snapshot photo not included here.

Thanks for your support and keep spreading the word!

Maarten and Oxalis

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
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[Supper Snapshots Exhibition] Help us to realise our photo exhibitions!

We have just launched our crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo for our exhibitions in Jakarta and Surabaya. If you like our project and would like to contribute, you can click the link above and donate some money to help us realising the exhibitions.

But we’re not simply asking for money: by contributing, you can receive all kinds of rewards. Depending on the donation amount you can buy postcards, quality photo prints to hang on your wall, photobooks and more -- all of them are carefully selected from the best photos in our collection. Additionally, the names of all contributors will be mentioned in the best-of photobooks.

A quick list of our rewards:
10 euro: a recipe zine and a Supper Snapshots postcard.
25 euro: a 5R-sized (12.7x17.8cm) hi-res photo with a frame.
40 euro: a pack of 20 postcards.
50 euro: paprika set hi-res photos, framed.
80 euro: the best-of photobook
120 euro: the best-of photobook + a pack of 20 postcards
150 euro: best-of photobook + paprika set + a pack of postcards + recipe zine

Indiegogo currently only accepts paypal and credit card for non-US dollar currency. If you want to donate in other ways (money transfer or even cash(!)) you can simply contact us at

If you want to help but have no money to donate you can still help us by spreading the word! Share the indiegogo link, promote our blog, or tell your friends about this project. Additionally, if you live in Jakarta and have a car/motorcycle, you might be able to give Oxalis a lift to arrange some exhibition-related stuff.


Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
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[Supper Snapshots Exhibition] Jakarta & Surabaya

Supper Snapshots exhibitions are coming to Jakarta & Surabaya!

We are going to exhibit our best-of selection at That's Life Coffee (including a collaboration with Studiomili) on 2 February and at C2O Library on 8 March.

More details soon! :-)

Location: Jakarta, Indonesië
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