Supper Snapshots at Kumpul Buku #3

Kumpul Buku Foto is a gathering for Indonesian photobook lovers. The books featured (ie. promoted or traded) were either by Indonesian photographers or about Indonesia. And those who came were basically collectors, who would like to keep a piece of history of Indonesian photography.

The theme of the event, held on 3 May 2014, was “indie”, celebrating the DIY movement of photobook making, as we live in a digital age where practically everybody can make their own photobooks.

I took the opportunity to promote the Supper Snapshots book and display it along with the postcards and the recipe book. I also sold a couple of copies (exactly three copies, actually) at the bazaar. Surprisingly, all the Supper Snapshots books were sold out. I couldn’t even keep my own copy. It was very overwhelming.

I sold the Supper Snapshots books in bundles, along with recipe books and postcards. I even printed new flyers to support the promotion. Each bundle was sold at Rp150,000, and they included:

  • Supper Snapshots book (144 pages, hard cover, 15x15cm)
  • Recipe book (16 pages, A6 size)
  • 3 (three) postcards of your choice
  • A3-sized flyer which you can turn into a poster

I also had a photo with the Supper Snapshots book, at the Studio Foto on Location by mas Edy Purnomo.


Anyway, the event was sponsored by photoklip, a photobook-printing service under Rakyat Printworks. Rakyat is a digital printing service I often go to, including to print Supper Snapshots books. I had the opportunity to meet Pak Mory and Bu Lilis from Photoklip, and Pak Rianno – the director of Rakyat. I told them that I printed all the promotional materials and the books of Supper Snapshots at Rakyat and they were looking forward for me to use their services in the future.

I was super happy that my best friends came to the event - Mas Tirta and Firza travelled all the way to Kemang (and even got lost for a while in the labyrinth of the so-called elite area), and Nenek (the nickname for my super awesome friend Dewi Tamba) dropped by after her visit to the dentist.


And here is a photo of Supper Snapshots along with other photobooks I bought that day.

Location: Jl. Kemang Utara, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta City 12730, Indonesia
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Urbanesia Interview

Last month, we were featured in Urbanesia, a prominent Jakarta website on urban lifestyle. The writer was none other than the awesome travel blogger, Ananda Rasulia. Since it was written in Bahasa Indonesia and some of our friends have requested to have it in English, so we translated the article here.

The original article can be read here:
Supper Snapshots: Menikmati Makanan dari Sudut Berbeda

And here is the English version:

Supper Snapshots: Enjoying Food from a Different Angle

One can not look only once, or briefly, at the works of Oxalis and Maarten - modestly hung on a piece of wall. Simple, but meaningful. They can be very sophisticated and make the viewer’s mind spin, as one tries to find the inspiration behind the food photo before it changes its shape, that might be beyond expectation. It was exciting, and slowly Oxalis and Maarten have taken their works to several venues in Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bali, and of course Jakarta. Here is the full story.

What is Supper Snapshots?

Supper Snapshots is a photoblog project where we take pictures of food every day. The photos we took were uploaded to the blog and they showed two different points of view, because we are from different backgrounds, especially in terms of culture (I am from Indonesia, Maarten from the Netherlands). We also always tried to take a different image for each photo, so we explored a variety of concepts and technical aspects, both in the fields of photography and gastronomy.

When did it start and how did you get the idea to initiate it?

It was started in 2009, inspired by a newsletter in Photojojo (blog of contemporary photography), which featured photoblog projects of two friends who both uploaded their photos to their blogs every day. I contacted Maarten to collaborate and we decided to use a specific theme: food. This was inspired by the fact that we liked to cook and eat together. The photoblog ran for two years (2009-2011) and resulted in 1,468 photos. In 2012 we started to curate and show our works.

Who are the people behind Supper Snapshots and what are their roles?

The Supper Snapshots project was done by two people - me and Maarten. Since our first exhibition in Bandung we were helped by some friends, in particular Ezra Saraswati (Titing) for design, Tirta Kusuma for documentation, Ricky Adrian as a visual director, and Farah Mauludynna for publication. Later, after discussing with Arris to exhibit at That's Life Coffee, we began to collaborate with Studiomili, an illustrator duo consisting of Arris Aprillo and Mohamad Reza.

What is the concept of Supper Snapshots?

Our concept is a cross-cultural experiment of a culinary journey. We have always believed that everyone is unique and has a different background (culture, eating habits, experience), so we hope we can show those differences in an interesting artwork through the medium of photography. In addition, food is not just nutrition for us, it is what makes us. Food is our identity.

Would you tell us about the journey of Supper Snapshots exhibitions?

Our first exhibition was held at Common Room, Bandung, two years ago (17-31 March 2012). Then I was invited to be a speaker at TEDxITT, a TEDx event at Telkom Institute of Technology (now Telkom University) two months later. We also had a small exhibition during that event. In February 2013 we had an exhibition at That's Life Coffee, Jakarta, where we started to feature our collaborative works with Studiomili. After Jakarta, we had an exhibition at c2o library and collabtive in Surabaya. Last December we were exhibiting at Mangsi Coffee, Denpasar, and at the moment our exhibition is still running at Lir Space, Yogyakarta.

Which was the most exciting?

Perhaps it was the one at Common Room (Bandung). Not only because it was our first exhibition, but the venue was perfect for an exhibition. I used to go to Common Room quite often when I was still in college and I always wanted to have an exhibition there. Moreover, thanks to that exhibition we started to open a new network and our exhibition was featured in Koran Tempo. But in general we are very happy with our exhibitions, also the one at That's Life Coffee because that was when we started our collaboration with Studiomili and I could just come to the cafe anytime because it was in my own city.

How to arrange mini exhibitions like Supper Snapshots? What steps should be taken?

First is to find an exhibition venue, and then the time and duration. When both have been determined, we can start planning like printing, arranging equipment to display the artworks (eg. frames), human resources, and funding. For our exhibitions in Jakarta and Surabaya, we raised donation through crowdfunding. We asked for donations from friends or anyone who was interested in our exhibitions and in return we gave some Supper Snapshots products (in the form of photographs, postcards, recipe books, etc). Additionally, we also need to have a good network, for promotion or looking for a venue.

What is the goal of Supper Snapshots?

We want to show how the fusion of photography and gastronomy can be an identity that shows cultural background. We also wanted to show the other side of culinary photography, that food as a mediocre object that we see every day can turn into something interesting and surprising when seen from different perspectives.

Finally, do you have any tips for other artists who want to have exhibitions like Supper Snapshots?

Expand your network and keep creating!

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[Supper Snapshots Yogyakarta] Going Home

We stayed up all night and left very early to the train station, as our train departed at half past 7. The train was a bit late, but this allowed us to buy some oleh-oleh.

The trip felt rather longer than the one before, probably because this one was during the day. It gave us chances to take photos, but at some point we were just so tired so we went to sleep. However, halfway to Jakarta the air-co (and other electricity sources) were dead, so we felt as if we were inside a microwave. Luckily it was not that hot (I guess the temperature at that time was around 28 degrees), but still..

Titing stepped off at Jatinegara station while I went all the way to Pasar Senen station, and then got an ojek (motorcycle taxi) to my office and worked.


Location: Tugu Yogyakarta, Jalan Pasar Kembang, Gedong Tengen, Yogyakarta City 55271, Indonesia
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[Supper Snapshots Yogyakarta] The Exhibition Opening

Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Supper Snapshots exhibition was opened on 1 March 2014, while the exhibition itself runs for a whole month until 30 March.We arrived at LIR around half an hour before the scheduled opening time and soon friends started to come. There were Luci and Sigid from Antara, and Wid and Putra from Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta.

before the opening starts

Dito and I opened the exhibition at 16.30, and I presented the Supper Snapshots book and a framed photo to LIR. Maarten and I chose the lime photo because it reminded us so much of the LIR logo.The opening was followed by a super-gezellige tea time. LIR provided two jars of Javanese tea with bread and savoury snacks, and I added Dutch snacks: stroopwafels and speculaas.

the exhibition is officially opened

tea time!


For me, it was a perfect exhibition opening. The timing was good because we had the mini teapot and cups for the poster which resembled tea time, and LIR had such awesome tea sets, plus the afternoon sun was shining brightly into the terrace.


the exhibition

In the background the music from the Supper Snapshots mixtape was playing, followed by the 'Seventeen Sunny Summery Songs that Start with the letter S'.

Later that afternoon Nanto also came to the opening, and Dito introduced me to Moki, the artist behind 'Mukamalas'. Maarten and I like his works very much, and Maarten bought his t-shirt when we visited Yogyakarta a couple of years ago. This time I bought mini booklets consisting of his illustrations, and I asked him to sign them ;-)

Around half past 7 Titing and I had to leave LIR to go to our next visit: Klinik Kopi.

Location: Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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[Supper Snapshots Yogyakarta] Installation at LIR

It was 7 in the morning when we decided to wake up from our 'station nap' and have a breakfast at the station. Then we went to LIR by becak, arriving there at 8-ish.

Dito greeted us and showed us the gallery, and the tools had all been prepared there.

Luckily we were well-prepared so the photo installation went very smoothly. We measured the walls based on the wall plan made by Maarten, and soon we started to drill. Dito helped us drilling and we started to hang the frames on the walls.


I found the gallery room very nice with white walls and a wooden window that can be opened, facing the terrace with a long table and chairs. There was a small window ledge that could hold our postcards and flyers, so we did not need to install any wooden floating shelves.

The installation was very quick so by 2 in the afternoon we had finished everything. Even sweeping the floor and tidying up the tools, and taking naps on the floor of the gallery (because we were so exhausted from the lack of sleep).


the finished layout

LIR in general is a very nice place to hang out, with a small living room and a bookshelf, a couple of small exhibition spaces, a kitchen, and a terrace cafe. It was actually an old house, so I could actually smell the oldness and it really reminded me of my aunt’s old house in Manahan (Solo).

We were all set to go to the house of mbak Mirna, where we were going to stay for the next couple of days. However, it suddenly rained so we decided to take another hour to sleep..


Location: Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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